Software Monetization | Software Licenseing Management

Create a new revenue stream from your software to maximize profitability for your company. This can be achieved with out of the box software licensing management tools.

Business Process

It delivers the most reliable and robust solution to integrate and automate the flow of faxes, papers and electronic documents.

Financial Solution

This solution is able to seamlessly integrate with your existing and future banking system and back-end office infrastructure by leveraging on the .NET architecture.


Securing your most valuable assets is more than a technological checklist.

Industrial Process

Monitor, Analyze and Optimize Industrial Process Data

Previously known as Matrix Binary, Matrix Invent's reputation and expertise has always been in the areas of Business Process Automation, Information Delivery and Security. Our core value drives us to focus on meeting the 'urgent and important' needs of an organization.

As always, we focus on two fundamental requirements of a company, which is immediate cost savings from automation and increase client contacts through secured information delivery.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer is a mobile-first, cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) application designed to meet the needs of today's sales and service professionals