Secure On Demand Access

Security is essential for online commerce and information exchange. But so is easy and fast access for customers. Can you deliver both?

You can with Matrix DynaPIN!

Eliminate security threats and deliver satisfying user experiences with multi factor authentification, multi channel delivery and cost effectiveness.

Customers today demand instant gratification - being able to access services or perform transactions On Demand. You need to deliver such a user experience, yet keep customers safe from phishing, hacking, viruses, malware and screen capture and so on.

DynaPIN allows you to deliver user friendly security while allowing you to deliver rich online services for increased customer satisfaction. This is user friendly security!

* Javelin Strategy & Research, 2005 Identity Fraud Survey Report: 9.3 million people in the US were victims of identity fraud in 2004. Identity fraud cost US$52.6 billion (US$47.6 billion to businesses, US$5 billion in consumer out-of pocket expenses). Supposedly 3.25 million people a year found that someone had used their name to open an account, obtain medical care or rent accommodation, with existing accounts of a further 6 million people being compromised.

* “Forgery incidents are still occurring continuously with a slight increase compared to the previous quarter. A total of 48 incidents were received compared to 35 in previous quarter, which represents a 37.1% increase. Forgery, Harassment incidents continued to increase and malicious code incidents had increased significantly compared to previous quarter.”

The Advantage of multi Factor Authentication

Think your customers are safe with a single static sign-in? Hardly. Cyber criminals are exploiting the single PIN or password as it only represents one factor in the authentication criteria. Your security is now a vulnerability.

But penetration is almost impossible with DynaPIN’s multi factor authentication (multi factor) architecture:

• What you know - a static password or serial number.

• What you have - a randomly generated pin delivered to a handphone, PDA (via SMS) or DynaCARD. Each pin is valid for only one authentification event.

• What you are - next generation, biometric authentification - thumb print, iris scan, etc.

• Based on a challenge and response system, the system queries the user for a static password and a dynamically generated pin.

• Already possessing the static password, the user requests for a number/code to be sent to his handheld device, DynaCARD or Self Service kiosk.

• Once both static password and the DynaPIN are obtained, the user has a One Time Password (OTP). The user enters the OTP for authentication and once approved, is free to execute the desired transaction be it e-commerce, internet banking, access to restricted data, networks and websites.

• Simple, easy and efficient! And safer! As the delivery of the DynaPIN and the return of the OTP are transmitted via separate networks, it is virtually impossible for non-authorised users to capture both codes.

Backend Security Features

Only you will have sole access to the DynaPIN Generation Algorithm (the module that generates the DynaPIN). Not even the vendor can access it. In addition, with a configurable Alphanumeric Character Pool, you can add and remove characters to further distinguish your pool.

Cost Effectivenes

Flexible, robust yet low investment footprint.

DynaPIN leverages on common end user hardware such as handphones. You don’t have to purchase special tokens or devices thus providing tremendous savings. No additional client side software or special hardware is required. The system easily integrates within existing authorisation architectures.

Offering further cost savings, DynaPIN allows for flexible licensing packages:

• Perpetual User Licenses

  One Time Investment (CAPEX)

• Enterprise User License

  If you expect user numbers to grow

• Unlimited Server Licenses

  For Production, UAT, Development & Disaster Recovery environment


Regardless of the industry, almost any enterprise requires IT security, especially in preserving the integrity of online networks. DynaPIN would ease worries among e-consumers and may help boost e-commerce, online applications and payment gateways. Gaming portals, Intellectual property repositories, remote access, Web E-mail and Internet connectivity services…these are just some initiatives that would benefit from added security.