Thales Sentinel

Thales Sentinel

Thales is the market-leading provider of software licensing and entitlement management solutions for on-premise, embedded, and cloud-based software vendors. Thales Sentinel is the most trusted brand in the software industry for secure, flexible, and future-proof software monetization solutions.
Enterprise Security

Organizations can take a data-centric approach to their security posture, creating trust and authenticity in transactions, and ensuring that sensitive data is protected and controlled.
Software Protection

Ideal for anti-piracy software protection, prevent overuse of licensed software, offer trial versions of applications, and ensure quick and easy product renewal/ upgrades.
Software Licensing Operations

Provides improved software download experience for customers and streamlines software delivery and management process to reduce operational costs, maximize revenue, and gain business intelligence.
Software Monetization

Provides software companies and intelligent device vendors with software licensing, protection, and entitlement management solutions that can help monetize their software and drive business growth.
Embedded Software Licensing

Provide device and equipment manufacturers the tools needed to effectively protect products from tampering and reverse engineering, while also offering packaging and opportunities to maximize profitability.
Licensing in Virtualized Environments

Offering the industry's first and only technology agnostic VM binding solution, protecting licenses and applications from copying and duplication in any end-user environment, virtual or otherwise.

Sentinel Cloud Licensing

A comprehensive licensing and entitlement management solution for software publishers.

Sentinel Enterprise EMS

Consolidates all licensing and entitlement management processes on a unified web platform.

Sentinel LDK

A comprehensive software monetization solution that pairs license enforcement solutions with licensing operations management.

Sentinel RMS

Enables software and device vendors to enforce complex license agreements and protect software from unauthorized use.