Organizations of all sizes generate a high volume of transactional documents. These documents form the basis for interactions with customers and suppliers, business cycles, and can determine profitability or failure. It’s critical to efficiently and cost-effectively share your documents with customers and suppliers in a timely and reliable manner.

Rightfax solution increases employee productivity, reduces paper usage, lowers telephony and hardware costs by integrating fax into front-office, back office and desktop applications. Also, it helps to address security and compliance requirements. Production fax and electronic document distribution solutions further enhance efficiencies in company processes through operational cost reduction & allowing quicker response time to improve business performance.

The latest release of RightFax 16 Enhancement Pack 2, is full of new features, functionality and add-on modules, designed to simplify RightFax environment, add new visibility to RightFax traffic, improve administrative and user experience. Key highlights include:

OpenText™ RightFax™ Analytics - a new add-on module that provides a comprehensive view of fax history for RightFax, which enables companies to easily access, analyze, and identify system performance, volume statistics, and delivery information.

OpenText™ RightFax™ Image High Availability - a new add-on module that allows administrators to leverage SQL for both their transactions and fax image repository, reducing the complexity of their RightFax environment by eliminating separate hard disk space or separate locations for RightFax images. The new system utilizes an existing SQL infrastructure for fax image storage high availability.

OpenText™ RightFax™ Remote DocTransport Server - a new hardware component that allows organizations to extend their fax presence to remote offices or offsite server locations, eliminating QoS and bandwidth requirements used to communicate with RightFax servers.

New RightFax Web Administrative Tool - provides full administrative access through mobile devices and most web browsers. Closely replicates EFM functionality and provides access to new RightFax features including RightFax Analytics and new RightFax MFP connectors.

Redesigned MFP Connectors - virtual faxes can now be sent as easily as faxes sent from a physical machine. The new connectors facilitate a secure file/paper transfer between the device and the RightFax server through HTTPS connection.

Features :

  •   Efficiency and Productivity
  •   Cost Reduction, Recovery and Avoidance
  •   Security