SaaS Monetization

Sentinel Cloud Services bring SafeNet's industry-proven experience in software licensing and entitlement management to the cloud. Built leveraging the company's more than 25 years of experience delivering best-in-breed software licensing and management solutions, but architected from the ground up to support all of the unique requirements of cloud service delivery, Sentinel Cloud Services is the industry's only complete and proven solution for SaaS Management and software monetization in the cloud.

Sentinel Cloud is a comprehensive licensing and entitlement management solution for publishers of both on premise software and cloud delivered services. It provides software publishers with tools to build versatile product catalogs, provision and authorize user access, measure product usage, and instantly adapt product packaging from the cloud.

Features :

  • Collecting usage data and introducing pre and post pay pricing models
  • Creating new packaging and allowing customers to purchase features a la carte
  • Authorizing software access from any device while enforcing license compliance