Simplify SAP Change Control & Reduce Operational TCO with Rev-Trac

Automate and enforce all your change control processes and tasks to deliver SAP solutions changes safely, flexibly, and efficiently – even in the most extensive and dynamic business environments. To keep information flowing as systems change – especially in large organizations with extensive information processing needs and dynamic business models – a powerful, flexible and fully-featured change control software is critical to operational success.

Rev-Trac provides:

  • Powerful, easy to use software that gives change teams full control and visibility over all SAP changes in all SAP solution landscapes.
  • Out-of-the-box configurability, ready for you to design, implement and enforce your own change control processes.
  • Simplified N and N+1 system landscape change control with automated retrofit features to significantly reduce manual rekeying effort.
  • Fully automated transport migration and sequencing, with advanced conflict management and overtake and overwrite protection.
  • Release Management workbench with controlled drag and drop flexibility to simplify the collation, categorization and management of change requests.
  • Entirely automated approval workflows, electronic signature collection, process enforcement and transport migration for lowest cost per change.

Key Benefits

  • Save administration overhead with out-of-the-box configuration flexibility
  • Reduce business change request response times
  • Improve project delivery times by up to 35%
  • Eliminate up to 98% of manual rekeying effort
  • Improve change quality and reduce audit effort by more than 90%
  • Prevent up to 99.9% of avoidable transport error incidents caused by parallel development and overwrites
  • Manage continuous, agile or release change programs to accelerate change delivery cycles
  • Easily manage SAP system additions, removals and changes without reconfiguring transport routes