SyTech XLReporter: The Next Generation of Reports, Forms and Dashboards

XLReporter is the first reporting software developed for Industry and Process Automation with fully integrated development tools in Microsoft Excel. Using proprietary technology to turn raw data into polished Excel worksheets, PDF, web pages, CSV files and XML files without deploying Excel. It offers fast and flexible solutions that are cost and time effective, and seamlessly integrates into any existing system.

Reports for Everyone

XLReporter is the first software for process automation to automatically produce reports as worksheets , encrypted PDF and web pages from a variety of data sources, including historians and databases. Priced for everyone and seamlessly integrates into any existing system; no executive decisions or additional hardware required!

Quick ROI

The entire process of collecting data, analyzing its content, and distributing reports is fully automated, freeing valuable human resouces, improving quality, and increasing productivity.

Utilize Existing Skills

The Template Design Studio is built into Microsoft Excel, allowing users to take full advantage of all the reporting features of Excel, as well as those specifically designed for industry.

Background Reporting

Produce reports as workbooks, PDF documents, and web pages without Excel. The scheduler produces reports automatically in the background, on time, or on process events to achieve highly polished results.

Analysis – Do It!

Turn raw data into meaningful information by combining the best of Excel with powerful analytics provided by XLReporter. Develop all kinds of reports, including conditional summaries, analytical calculations and interlacing data from two disparate sources, among many others.

Web Enable Your Reports

Publish your reports to web pages by adding a single instruction in your schedule. Enable XLReporter's web portal and access reports from any device such as a smart phone or tablet.

On-Demand Reporting

Need reports on-demand? Design an interactive report and let users enter their own settings to instantly get a new report.


Used in: Water and Wastewater, Energy Management, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Oil and Gas, Building Automation, Food and Beverage, Renewable Energy, Machine Building, and Chemical.


  •   Over 70 connectors to data sources in industry
  •   Template Library reports in minutes, guaranteed!
  •   Template Studio in Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016
  •   Proprietary reporting engine
  •   Report automatically, periodically, or on events
  •   Publish reports to workbooks or encrypted PDF
  •   Distribute reports by email, web pages and FTP